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Many of life's major events trigger a desire to declutter and organize. Each transition has its own challenges, but they all have one thing in common - alot of details to manage. I can help reduce your stress by helping you develop a strategy about what needs to get done and how to effectively accomplish the tasks, so that you maintain control over the transition.  Control equals calm in an otherwise turbulent time.

Top Transitions That Call For A Need To Declutter:

Selling a Home - Show your home in its best light to maximize its sale value

Downsizing - Reduce your possessions to reflect where you are on life's journey

Home Renovation - Clear space for your new look

Toddler to Teen - Transition bedroom spaces

New Addition to the Family - Make room for baby

Empty Nest - Time to repurpose those bedrooms!

Separation from Partner - Often requires an evaluation of possessions

Loss of Loved One 

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