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Let ANNE TROXELL HOME help you regain control over your space and time, so that you can make room for what matters most to you.  I want to get to know you and the organizational and productivity challenges you are facing, so that, together, we can design a workable solution for you and your family.

Serving Southern Connecticut, ANNE TROXELL HOME offers home design and organization, clutter management, life transition and home staging services, all with an eye for design.  Contact me to get started today!


Organization and Design Specialist


I have a passion for organizing. Living and working in a clutter free space keeps my mind clear and allows me to be my most productive self - leaving me time to focus on what is most important to me - my family and friends.  

As a former corporate finance professional and a mother of four teenagers and two dogs, I recognize how overwhelming the nuts and bolts of life can be as we work to manage our families, our jobs and our outside interests.  I also appreciate the importance of creating a space that brings you peace of mind. I have spent the past 15 years renovating and decorating homes to feel bright, spacious and reflective of the families that live in them.


If you are struggling with disorganization or feeling overwhelmed by clutter at home and want to regain control of your time, stuff and space, give me a call. Let me act as your professional guide through the organizing process.  Together, we can create a home environment that lets you lead your best life. 


Transforming Your Home And Life One Space At A Time

home organization  - life transitions services - home staging

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At every stage of life, we can get bogged down by our stuff. If your home leaves you feeling stressed out, let me help you declutter and bring a sense of organization back to your space. I will provide you with a customized action plan and support to help you get and stay clutter free.

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Many of life's events trigger a desire to declutter and organize. The trigger can be as simple as having guests over to stay for a few days or as life altering as the need to downsize because your kids have grown up and moved away from home or a spouse has passed. Whatever the trigger, I can help you make the transition smooth and productive.

Bright Living Room


Is your home market ready? For many of us, our homes are our most valuable asset.  My goal is to help your maximize your investment by making your home look its most spacious and inviting.  As an experienced interior decorator, I can help you declutter your space and bring out the best in your home. Take the first step and contact me today.

Benjamin Franklin

“A place for everything, Everything in its place”

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